Lifelong learning

Queenslanders with disability have the same right to education and learning across all stages of life as everyone else.


The Queensland Government will support students, educators, parents and carers to enable lifelong, inclusive learning opportunities for Queenslanders with disability.  

A case study 

At Griffith University, we strive to identify and remove barriers to education and employment through embedding inclusive and innovative practices across the organisation. 

Universal design principles underpin what we do to enable people with disabilities to fully participate in all facets of university life. Examples include tackling issues in the physical environment, inclusive curriculum, research across a wide range of areas, access to a range of assistive technologies, and specific programming to enhance employment and educational opportunities for people with disabilities.  

Five percent (5%) of Griffith's students have a disability or health condition. This includes visible and invisible conditions ranging from mobility, vision and hearing disabilities through to learning disabilities, long-term health conditions and mental health conditions. 

In managing Griffith's Student Diversity and Inclusion area at Griffith University I am proud of Griffith's achievements in the area of disability, equity and inclusion. We have highly skilled and dedicated staff who are passionate about supporting a diverse and inclusive community in Higher Education which is innovative and shows leadership in this space.