Our vision

The Supporting Families Changing Futures reform program is focused on delivering the right services at the right time to support families and keep children safely at home. By implementing the reforms, our vision is that:

Queensland children and young people are cared for, protected, safe and able to reach their full potential. Queensland families and communities are empowered to become stronger, more capable, more resilient and are supported by a child and family support system that understands and respects the importance of family, community, and culture.

We are working in partnership with peak bodies, services providers and communities to deliver the best outcomes for all Queensland children and their families.

What's happening

6-12 September
Queensland Child Protection Week

Supporting Families

Family and Child Connect

Helping families bounce back from tough times

When things aren't going to plan, Family and Child Connect can put you in touch with all the support you need to get life moving in the right direction again.

Foster care recruitment

We need more foster carers, like you

Fostering needs people with extraordinary hearts. People just like you. View the stories of real foster carer families and find out how you can become one.

Family and Child Connect

Family and Child Connect

Support families who need guidance to get back on track by connecting them to the right services at the right time.

Changing Tracks improving lives

Changing Tracks 2020-2022 continues to set the vision for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and young people to grow up safe, loved and cared for in family, community and culture.


Supporting Families Changing Futures 2019-2023

View the Supporting Families Changing Futures 2019-2023 five-year whole-of-government strategy for the final stage of the 10-year child and family reform program.

Introducing the Children and Families Peak Advisory Group

The new Children and Families Peak Advisory Group met for the first time in April 2021 to confirm the group’s terms of reference and set the agenda for 2021.

A grandfather carries his grandson on his shoulders

New 'Family caring for family' guide

Strengthening support for carers and kin is a key focus of the Supporting Families Changing Futures five-year strategy.

To support the strategy, Child Safety has developed the Family caring for family information guide for family members who are considering caring for children within their family network as an approved kinship carer.

Family law courts to adopt the Safe & Together model

The Chief Justice of the Family Court of Australia and Federal Circuit Court of Australia recently announced the courts will engage the Safe & Together Institute to delivery court-wide training based on the Safe & Together Model developed by David Mandel.