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Queensland Child Protection Commission of Inquiry

On 1 July 2012, the Queensland Government established the Queensland Child Protection Commission of Inquiry to chart a road map for the state’s child protection system for the next decade. The inquiry was a response to a widespread perception that the existing child protection system in Queensland was failing vulnerable children and their families.

The inquiry, led by the Honourable Tim Carmody QC, was asked to review the progress of recommendations made in the 1999 Commission of Inquiry into abuse of children in Queensland institutions and the 2004 Crime and Misconduct Commission of Inquiry Protecting children: an inquiry into the abuse of children in foster care.

The commission was directed to deliver recommendations on:

  • reforms to ensure that Queensland’s child protection system achieves the best possible outcomes to protect children and support families
  • strategies to reduce the over-representation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children at all stages of the child protection system, particularly out-of-home care
  • any legislative reforms required
  • any reforms to improve the current oversight, monitoring and complaints mechanisms for the child protection system.