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Building an accountable, transparent and cost-effective Queensland system

Reforms being delivered under this strategic direction are based on the principle that services provided to vulnerable children and families are high quality and are provided in an efficient, transparent and accountable manner.

The reforms include:                                            

  • establishing the Director of Child Protection Litigation, an independent statutory officer within the justice portfolio, to improve the conduct of child protection matters in the Childrens Court (recommendation 13.17)
  • establishing an Office for Community Sector and Industry within the Department of Children, Youth Justice and Multicultural Affairs to identify, analyse and share information regarding barriers to effective delivery of community services and to contribute to prioritised systemic responses (recommendation 6.4)
  • reviewing Commonwealth and State funding to Legal Aid Queensland for child protection matters (recommendations 13.11, 13.12)
  • improving Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal (QCAT) practices to make them more child-friendly and to reduce unnecessary delays (recommendation 13.27)
  • reviewing the level of oversight for transitionally funded placement arrangements (recommendation 8.2)
  • increasing accountability and transparency through the Child Death Case Review Panel, with internal and external membership, and supporting legislative amendments to strengthen the review process (recommendation 12.11)
  • developing a program evaluation framework and evaluation community of practice (recommendation 12.14)
  • establishing the Court Case Management Committee, chaired by the President of the Childrens Court, to develop a judicially-led case management framework for child protection proceedings in the Childrens Court (recommendations 13.1, 13.2, 13.9)
  • appointing eight additional specialist Court Magistrates to have matters more expeditiously and efficiently dealt with and to help ensure better outcomes for children and families (recommendation 13.8)
  • developing a three-year rolling research program to build the evidence base for child protection practice in collaboration with stakeholders and research institutions (recommendation 12.13)
  • developing an enhanced complaints management process based on client feedback, to increase responsiveness, accountability and learning (recommendations 12.9, 12.10)
  • reviewing and changing our Child Safety legislation to keep Queensland children safe (recommendations 14.1, 14.6).