The council consists of twelve members appointed by the Minister, and includes:

  • four are carers, one of whom is a grandparent-carer
  • three are representatives from different organisations that support carers
  • one is a representative from an organisation that supports grandparent-carers
  • four are representatives from different Queensland Government departments.

A member is appointed for the term, of no more than 2 years.

Members are appointed on the basis of their:

  • personal experience as a carer or, for organisational representatives, experience in working in an organisation that supports carers
  • demonstrated awareness of the diverse issues and concerns of carers
  • demonstrated contributions to community initiatives and good community networks
  • demonstrated ability to represent the interests of carers.


The Carers (Recognition) Act 2008 provides the following definitions:

  • A carer is an individual who provides, in a non-contractual and unpaid capacity, ongoing care or assistance to another person who, because of disability, frailty, chronic illness or pain, requires assistance with everyday tasks.
  • A grandparent carer is a carer of their grandchild if the child lives with the grandparent and the grandparent is the primary care giver.

Contact information

To contact the Office For Carers, please email