Disability worker screening

On 1 February 2021, a new nationally consistent worker screening system commenced in Queensland to improve safeguards for people receiving disability supports and services.

All newly engaged workers will need a disability worker screening check if they are engaged by an NDIS registered provider in a risk assessed role, or a state-funded provider delivering disability supports or services.

It is your employer’s responsibility to know whether you need a worker screening card for the type of work you will be doing.

A ‘no card, no start’ approach has also been introduced meaning people working for providers in risk-assessed roles must have a clearance before they start providing services. This will ensure that people with concerning histories cannot work until they are assessed.

Workers with a current Yellow Card or Yellow Card Exemption don’t need to apply straight away - they can continue working and will transition to the new system upon renewal.

Queensland will also continue its robust state screening for State delivered or funded disability services that are provided outside the NDIS.

A new, automated online system will make the application processes simpler and easier. It will also create efficiencies between the Blue Card and Yellow Card systems. People who need both a disability worker screening check and a working with children check can now make a single, combined online application for both.

An eligibility calculator tool is available on the worker screening website to help employers and workers determine their screening requirements

Applicants can apply online via the Worker Screening website.