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October 2020 - New resources and changes to assist organisations

Release of updated core Human Service Quality Framework (HSQF) resources 

Other new resources

Funding increases to assist with certification costs

From 2020-2021, eligible organisations that receive up to $3 million in funding for services in-scope of certification from the Department of Communities, Disability Services and Seniors (DCDSS) and/or the Department of Child Safety, Youth and Women (DCSYW) will benefit from an increase in annual funding to assist with certification costs.

Under this new, improved approach, organisations will have funding upfront to meet certification costs and will not need to wait for a one-off audit costs assistance grant.  A total of 135 organisations have received a funding increase for certification costs.

Organistations need to accrue the funding to meet the costs of audits, which occur every 18 months.  The funding can also be used for other HSQF compliance-related costs.

Further information, including eligiblity criteria, is available in the HSQF quality audit financial contributions (PDF, 438 KB) HSQF quality audit financial contributions (DOCX, 432 KB) factsheet.

Increase in lower funding threshold for demonstrating compliance

To reduce administrative burden for small organisations, the lower funding threshold for demonstrating HSQF compliance has been increased from $24,000 up to $100,000 per annum.

Organisations that receive DCDSS and DCSYW funding under this threshold are no longer required to submit a self-assessment or accreditation under other standards.

Small organisations are however, still required to deliver their services in line with the Human Service Quality Standards and can continue to access information on the HSQF website.

Further information is available at the Self-assessable - Quality requirements and resources page or in the Quality framework V7.0. (PDF, 606 KB) Quality framework V7.0. (DOCX, 2.8 MB)