Watch the 2021 B.OLD short films

The B.OLD films celebrate the active and vibrant roles seniors can play in our lives, workplaces and communities.

A series of 10 short films were produced as part of the B.OLD initiative in 2021. Each film presents the story of real Queensland seniors living their lives to the full.

Why not gather your friends, families, colleagues or local community members together for a viewing session! The films are sure to spark some lively conversations about how to celebrate and support the diverse interests and contributions of seniors.

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B.OLD short films playlist

Download the B.OLD films playlist

Each of the 10 documentaries presents the story of real Queensland seniors living their lives to the full. The B.OLD films celebrate the active and vibrant roles seniors can play in our lives, workplaces and communities. They are sure to inspire conversations about how we can make our communities more age-friendly and inclusive. Watch them now!

View or download a playlist of the films here onto a USB. For best results, download the version labelled ‘original’. Lower resolution versions may be a better for you if you have limited bandwidth or download limits. Once downloaded onto a USB, the films should ‘plug and play’ into most televisions with a USB port.

Ellie Nielsen

Ellie Nielsen transcript (DOCX, 16 KB)

Internationally recognised print artist Ellie Neilson won an Australia Day Council Cultural Award. Her prints have been exhibited in collections in Italy, Poland, Denmark, Brisbane State Library and the National Gallery of Australia. Ellie does community outreach and mentoring, teaching art. Her story challenges assumptions that people become less talented, active and involved in community as they age.

Farm Waste Wearable Artist Marg Enkelman

Farm waste wearable artist Marg Enkelman transcript (DOCX, 17 KB)

Farm waste wearable artist Marg Enkelman recycles farm waste to design and create wearable outfits, which have been showcased by models of all ages across Queensland. Her story highlights older people’s creative involvement in environmental sustainability and recycling.

QFES volunteer seniors crew

QFES volunteer seniors crew (DOCX, 19 KB)

QFES volunteers aged 60+ are saving homes and properties from fires, floods and other emergencies in the Bunya Mountains. This story challenges myths about older people being physically incapable of emergency volunteering and saving lives.

Rolling Bones drama group

Rolling Bones drama group (DOCX, 18 KB)

This drama group from Hervey Bay is sharing the joy of performance and building connections within local communities. This story challenges misconceptions about the capabilities of older people to find friendship and fulfillment through creative pursuits.

Rosemary Duncan

Rosemary Duncan transcript (DOCX, 18 KB)

Rosemary Duncan is a farmer from Ballandean who survived floods and bushfires on her large property in recent years, after her husband died. Rosemary remarried a man 20 years her junior, challenging the ageism and social expectations women may experience as they age.

Coastal Caring Clowns

Coastal Caring Clowns transcript (DOCX, 16 KB)

Featuring a group of vibrant volunteers who perform as clowns in children’s hospital wards, nursing homes and community events. This story busts the myth that older people don’t have fun!

Scout Leader Jeff ‘Chil’ Carrier

Jeff ‘Chil’ Carrier transcript (DOCX, 16 KB)

Jeff ‘Chil’ Carrier is a scout leader nominated as an important role model and mentor to youngsters in his local troupe. The film celebrates the strength of intergenerational connection.

Indigenous Elder and disability advocate Alan Parsons

Alan Parsons transcript (DOCX, 16 KB)

Indigenous Elder and disability advocate Alan Parsons is a storyteller who shares his cultural heritage with his community, inspiring people to come together to celebrate differences and the opportunities they offer. The story celebrates the community connections older people can facilitate.

Claire Keane

Claire Keane transcript (DOCX, 16 KB)

Claire Keane is a member of a long-distance swim club for seniors. The film captures her 20km swim around Great Keppel Island in August 2020. The story demonstrates what people are capable of as they get older.

Seniors Creating Change

Seniors Creating Change transcript (DOCX, 19 KB)

A grassroots group came together to challenge ageist assumptions about seniors and thereby prevent elder abuse. The group focus on making seniors feel more visible in their communities and champion active ageing and engagement in community life as we get older