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Celebrate NAIDOC Week 7 to 14 July

NAIDOC Week is an opportunity for all Australians to learn about First Nations cultures and histories and participate in celebrations of the oldest, continuous living cultures on earth.

Volunteers are valuable to our communities. Being a volunteer is a great way to make new friends and get involved in your community

Our shared vision for a vibrant Neighbourhood Centre system

Through Our shared vision, the Queensland Government and Neighbourhood Centre sector aim to support Neighbourhood Centres across Queensland to build vibrant, inclusive, and cohesive communities.

Learn ways to help support people at risk to stay safe before, during and after a disaster.

Plan ahead – New resources to support people at risk

If you work with people experiencing homelessness, the new Person-Centred Emergency Preparedness (P-CEP) Homelessness Outreach toolkit can help you to reduce the impact of disaster for people experiencing homelessness.

Stylised design created by Leigh Harris which includes the words Reconciliation Action Plan July 2023 to June 2025

Launching our new Reconciliation Action Plan

The new 2023-2025 RAP outlines key commitments to enhance cultural capability within the public sector, as well as the work each agency will do to support the establishment of a First Nations Treaty Institute, a Truth-telling and Healing Inquiry, an Interim Truth and Treaty Body and a Path to Treaty Office.