Equity and Diversity Plan

The Department of Treaty, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Partnerships, Communities and the Arts are committed to supporting a thriving diverse and inclusive workplace where all people feel safe, valued and respected, and where embracing difference is strongly reflected in our culture and values. 

Our Equity and Diversity Plan (PDF, 172 KB) Equity and Diversity Plan (DOCX, 199 KB) provides the foundations for future work to support the department’s commitment for an equitable, diverse and inclusive workplace reflective of the communities we serve, that is culturally capable and culturally safe. 

The focus for our plan is to: 

  • develop an inclusive, flexible, compassionate and culturally safe workplace that embodies cultural integrity; and respects, protects and promotes the human rights of all Queenslanders. 
  • Invest in the learning and capability development of our staff, ensuring that their safety, health and wellbeing are prioritised, with a focus on the attraction and retention of a skilled and diverse workforce. 
  • Engage with staff to harness their voices and build workplaces that support the department’s ambition as an employer of choice. 

The actions continued within the Equity and Diversity Plan will be reviewed and refreshed annually to ensure they remain relevant and appropriate to the changing needs of the department.