Corporate publications

  • Strategic Plan

    Our Strategic Plan outlines the department's vision and purpose, and shows how we will contribute to delivering the government's objectives for the community.

  • Annual Report

    The annual report provides an account of our operational and financial performance of the department, as well as an overview of our priorities for the financial year.

  • Budget documents

    Budget papers and other financial documents.

  • Agency Procurement Plan

    This plan shows how our agency intends to achieve procurement outcomes in support of the strategic plan.

  • Disability Service Plan

    Under the Disability Services Act (Qld) 2006, each Queensland Government department is required to develop a Disability Service Plan. The disability service plans outline the actions each department will take to progress the priorities of the State Disability Plan.

  • Multicultural Action Plan

    Annual public reporting on progress under the Queensland Multicultural Action Plans.

  • Waste Reduction and Recycling Plan

    The Waste Reduction and Recycling Plan sets out our waste management direction and implementation.

  • Equity and Diversity Plan

    The Equity and Diversity Plan demonstrates our commitment and key actions and behaviours that embed the principles of inclusion in our everyday work practices.

  • Reframing the Relationship Plan

    Our Reframing the Relationship Plans is a pivotal milestone in our ongoing commitment to fostering a transformative relationship with Aboriginal people and Torres Strait Islander people.