Corporate publications

  • Strategic Plan

    Our Strategic Plan outlines the department's vision and purpose, and shows how we will contribute to delivering the government's objectives for the community.

  • Annual Report

    The annual report provides an account of the operational and financial performance of the department, as well as an overview of our priorities for the financial year.

  • Budget documents

    Budget papers and other financial documents.

  • Agency Procurement Plan

    This plan shows how our agency intends to achieve procurement outcomes in support of the strategic plan.

  • Disability Service Plan

    Under the Disability Services Act (Qld) 2006, each Queensland Government department is required to develop a Disability Service Plan. The disability service plans outline the actions each department will take to progress the priorities of the State Disability Plan.

  • Protocols for consultation and negotiation with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples

    These protocols for consultation documents were created in 1998 to provide guidance for people when consulting with Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander individuals, groups and/or communities.

  • Multicultural Action Plan

    Annual public reporting on progress under the Queensland Multicultural Action Plans.

  • Waste Reduction and Recycling Plan

    The Waste Reduction and Recycling Plan sets out our waste management direction and implementation.