Communities 2032 Strategy

The Communities 2032 Strategy (PDF, 3.2 MB) is Queensland’s first long-term, holistic strategy for our communities.

It will guide Queensland Government action over 10 years, towards our vision that Queensland’s communities support and empower every person to connect, participate, contribute and thrive.

Communities 2032 is a long-term plan to strengthen the fabric of our communities and to help Queenslanders live their best lives.

Strong communities are essential to our economic prosperity, wellbeing and future opportunities.

Communities 2032 is our roadmap to four key destinations that represent our aspirations for Queensland.

Vibrant, inclusive and cohesive communities

Queensland communities have a place for everyone. Vibrant, inclusive and cohesive communities are enriched by the diverse arts, languages, and traditions of everyone in our communities.

Understanding, respecting and celebrating the different things all Queenslanders contribute helps to connect us and make our communities stronger, happier and more prosperous.

We recognise Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the traditional custodians of the lands and seas we call Queensland. We understand and celebrate First Nations peoples, histories and cultures as central to our identity.

Healthy, accessible and liveable communities

Queensland’s communities are at their best when they are accessible to all and promote opportunities for people to connect with others and live healthy and active lifestyles.

Considered planning and design will help us build communities that are more enjoyable and better support every person, in every place.

Safe and resilient communities

Safety is essential to community wellbeing and our ability to connect and work together.

Community cohesion strengthens our ability to unite and respond to disasters and other adverse events, improving our resilience.

Supported and responsive communities

Communities are experts in their own lives. They are at their best when they are well-resourced and empowered to respond to their own unique needs.

Community and social services are at the heart of supporting communities. A capable and engaged community and social services sector can deliver significant social and economic benefits to the communities they support.