Queensland Indigenous Procurement Policy

The Queensland Indigenous Procurement Policy (QIPP) (PDF, 957 KB) Queensland Indigenous Procurement Policy (QIPP) (DOCX, 1.7 MB) provides a whole-of-government framework to increase procurement with Indigenous businesses to be three per cent of the value of government procurement contracts by 2022. Under the QIPP an Indigenous business is at least fifty per cent owned by Aboriginal peoples and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Under the QIPP we will:

  • increase the capacity and capability of Indigenous businesses to successfully tender for Queensland Government contracts
  • grow and develop a diverse and sustainable Indigenous business sector in Queensland by increasing the capacity and capability of Indigenous businesses to supply to the Queensland Government but also to supply to the private sector through supply chains and increased private sector demand
  • improve employment outcomes and opportunities for Aboriginal peoples and Torres Strait Islander peoples to participate in the Queensland economy.

About the QIPP

The Queensland Government is committed to job creation and the development of a diverse economy. While this commitment extends to all Queenslanders, Aboriginal peoples and Torres Strait Islander peoples do not participate equally in Queensland’s economy or labour market.

An action under Moving Ahead, a whole-of-government strategy to drive improvements in economic participation outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Queenslanders, is to develop a Queensland Indigenous (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander) Procurement Policy that targets an increase in procurement with Indigenous businesses by 2022.

Indigenous businesses are significantly more likely to employ Aboriginal peoples and Torres Strait Islander peoples, relative to non-Indigenous businesses. Growing Indigenous businesses is a viable pathway to create employment and increase the economic participation of Aboriginal peoples and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Indigenous Business Procurement Guide has been produced to assist procurement officers in implementing the QIPP.

QIPP outcomes

Financial year

Total government procurement
spend with Indigenous
businesses (M = million)

Addressable spend
percentage with
Indigenous businesses
Total number of
Indigenous businesses
procured from
2021–22 $440M 2.58% 535
2022–23 $442M 2.21% 591


The following resources provide more information on the Queensland Indigenous Procurement Policy and how Indigenous businesses can benefit and what government buyers need to do next.


Factsheets and guides


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Email enterprise@dsdsatsip.qld.gov.au for more information about the Queensland Indigenous Procurement Policy or Indigenous business support.