Queensland Indigenous Voice

About Queensland's Indigenous Voice

The Queensland Government strongly supports the need to provide Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Queenslanders with a greater voice on the issues that impact them and their lives.  

In May 2021, the Queensland Government publicly released a response to the Indigenous Voice Co-Design Process Interim Report (PDF) to the Australian Government.

The response committed to moving Indigenous Voice reform forward in Queensland through further co-design work with First Nations Queenslanders.

In December 2021, the Australian Government released the Queensland Indigenous Voice Co-Design Process Final Report. In response to this, the Queensland Government committed to continuing discussions with the Australian Government, particularly around how outcomes of Voice co-design work in Queensland could inform the national Voice reform.

First Nations Consultative Committee

An eight member First Nations Consultative Committee has been established for 12 months to develop an Indigenous Voice preferred model for Queensland following a state-wide Expression of Interest process.

The Committee will represent First Nations communities in eight regions – Cape York Peninsula, Far North Queensland, Gulf and West Queensland, North Queensland, Central Queensland, South West Queensland, South East Queensland, and the Torres Strait.

Members of the Committee are:

  • Mr Terry O’Shane (Co-chair), Far North Queensland region
  • Ms Talei Elu (Co-chair), Torres Strait region
  • Ms Karen Dini-Paul, Cape York Peninsula region
  • Mrs Patricia Lees, Gulf and West Queensland region
  • Mr Edward Smallwood, North Queensland region
  • Mr Joshua Gorringe, Central Queensland region
  • Ms Kerry Crumblin, South West Queensland region
  • Mr Cameron Costello, South East Queensland region.

Committee members will draw upon their connection to their region, experience and community support to consider a range of Queensland Indigenous Voice options, including the establishment of a state-wide Indigenous Voice body.

The Committee's work will inform the state’s continued input to the Australian Government’s Indigenous Voice process and link with existing and emerging local and regional voices structures in Queensland, including those provided through Local Thriving Communities.

The Committee will report back to the Queensland Government on the outcomes of their co-design work and recommended Queensland Indigenous Voice model in 2023.

Creation of the First Nations Consultative Committee is part of the Queensland Government's commitment to a reframed relationship with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples by working together to deliver better outcomes for Queensland.

Committee Communiques