Queensland LGBTIQ+ Strategy

The Queensland Government is committed to vibrant, inclusive and cohesive communities as described in Communities 2032. This includes hearing and elevating the voices of people who are of diverse sex, gender and sexuality.

The Queensland Government has committed to develop a whole-of-government Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Intersex, Queer, plus (LGBTIQ+) Strategy for Queensland.

Queensland has experienced many decades of incremental progress and positive reforms that have each contributed to a situation today where LGBTIQ+ people and their organisations look toward a bright future in our state.

The development of a dedicated Queensland LGBTIQ+ Strategy (the Strategy) will further direct the Queensland Government’s efforts towards embedding inclusion for LGBTIQ+ communities and continuing to strengthen outcomes for LGBTIQ+ Queenslanders.

When launched, the Strategy will be the first of its kind in Queensland.

What has happened so far

The Queensland Government delivered comprehensive state-wide community engagement from May until November 2023 to inform development of the Strategy. We asked LGBTIQ+ Queenslanders to have their say on the changes they want to see to live safe, supported and equal lives.

Through the consultation period we engaged with a total of 749 LGBTIQ+ people and their allies across Queensland:

Online survey

482 submissions to the survey were received through an anonymous online survey. The survey was open for three months from 14 June until 15 September 2023. The survey was designed to explore the priorities important to LGBTIQ+ people.

Community workshops

267 LGBTIQ+ Queenslanders and their allies participated in 17 virtual and in-person workshops over a 9-week period from mid-August 2023 to early-November 2023. These workshops provided an opportunity to hear peoples’ experiences and to further explore the priorities of LGBTIQ+ Queenslanders.

We extend a warm thank you to people from LGBTIQ+ communities and their allies who participated in the engagement activities and trusted us by sharing their stories.

What you told us

During the community engagement activities, LGBTIQ+ people and their allies voiced a range of perspectives and concerns, reflecting the rich tapestry of Queensland's LGBTIQ+ communities.

Emerging themes throughout the engagement included:

  • Human Rights and anti-discrimination
  • Justice and civic issues
  • First Nations rights and considerations
  • Inclusive education
  • Workforce/business development
  • Healthcare and family-planning
  • Improvements in policing, public safety and correctional facilities
  • Disability and aged-care options
  • Violence prevention
  • Housing and homelessness services
  • Sport and recreation
  • Child protection
  • Media, community visibility and information-sharing

Read the LGBTIQ+ Community Engagement Summary (PDF, 449 KB) LGBTIQ+ Community Engagement Summary (DOCX, 94 KB).

Next steps

The thoughts and priorities shared during community engagement will help shape the Queensland LGBTIQ+ Strategy.

We are now working through the results of the community engagement and developing the Strategy. We will provide further updates, including about what we heard during the community engagement, as soon as possible.

Queensland government agencies are also working together to consider the specific feedback received during the community engagement.

Queenslanders will be kept informed about the progress and release of the final Strategy.