Local Thriving Communities

Local Thriving Communities (LTC) is a significant, long-term reform that will result in a visibly different way of government working with communities. LTC requires government and community to work together to move decision making closer to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, embrace self-determination, and engage in high expectations relationships so that service design and delivery better meet the needs of each community.

Along with Path to Treaty, LTC is one of the first initiatives that is operating in accordance with the reframed relationship launched as part the Queensland Government’s Tracks to Treaty.

  • About Local Thriving Communities

    Learn about this reform that will ensure Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples have greater decision-making authority in regard to service delivery and economic development for the state's Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

  • Joint Coordinating Committee (JCC)

    The Joint Coordinating Committee (JCC) is the key governance body that oversees the Local Thriving Communities reform. The JCC’s membership comprises equal representation from community and government.

  • Action Plan

    The Queensland Government has detailed its commitments to local decision-making and service co-design in the Local Thriving Communities Action Plan 2022-24 and Response to the Queensland Productivity Commission's Inquiry into Service Delivery. Find out more in the action plan and progress report.

  • Community co-design journeys

    Design has kicked off already. Visit this page to read about co-design activities happening in participating communities.

  • Joint Coordinating Committee (JCC) – Community representatives

    Local Thriving Communities Joint Coordinating Committee (JCC) - Community member biographies.

  • QPC Progress Report

    A status update was developed in early 2022 that provides and overview of activity across the Queensland Government since its response to the Queensland Productivity Commission Inquiry into Service Delivery in Remote and Discrete Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. Find out more.