Joint Coordinating Committee (JCC) – Community representatives

        • Ms Kelly Barclay

          Ms Kelly Barclay identifies as a local Waanyi (North Gunnalunja) woman from Doomadgee with strong community connections. Ms Barclay is the current Team Leader, North West Remote Health (NWRH) managing the local NWRH Woolbubinya Wellbeing Centre. She has secretary and chairperson experience on various community councils and clubs including Yelladundgimarra Aboriginal Health Council, Doomadgee State School and My Pathways Community Advisory Board. Ms Barclay also possesses experience in policy development, mental health and community training and a strong knowledge of government processes. She is also involved in regional negotiations and partnerships for her community.

        • Ms Susan Sewter

          Ms Susan Sewter is a Lardil woman with connections to Gangalidda and Waanyi people. Ms Sewter maintains strong and respected relationships with remote and discrete communities, particularly Mornington Island. She is Chairperson of the Mornington Island Health Council and is a former Mayor of the Mornington Island Shire Council. Ms Sewter does advocacy for culture, children and families and women.

        • Mr Michael Bond

          Mr Michael Bond identifies as an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander man and a member of the Taepadthiggi Clan of the Mapoon area. Mr Bond has strong cultural and traditional knowledge. He is a respected leader with demonstrated experience in community and government engagement. Mr Bond is the Manager of New Mapoon Aboriginal Corporation. Mr Bond possesses demonstrated experience advocating for the rights, needs and aspirations for community, implementing initiatives and innovative ideas focused on achieving the goals and aspirations of First Australians.

        • Ms Joann Schmider

          Ms Joann Schmider is a FNQ tropical rainforest Mamu woman. Ms Schmider brings 30 years, experience across social, cultural, economic and environment Indigenous-related matters – in the connections between policy, programming, resourcing and outcomes – with community networks, organisations, government and academia. She has qualifications in education and training, community development, leadership, governance and research, and is doing PhD studies in supporting Aboriginal people in tourism cultural promotion.

        • Ms Michelle Deshong

          Ms Michelle Deshong identifies as a Kuku Yulanji woman from North Queensland. Ms Deshong works closely with individuals and communities to build leadership, governance and engagement approaches and is the CEO of the Australian Indigenous Governance Institute. She possesses significant executive-level experience in governance and community services management. Ms Deshong has a strengths-based approach to engagement and opportunities and has managed reform agendas. She also has extensive networks that enable her to engage with and maximise participation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community members.